An interesting way to enhance English speaking ability

In today’s class, the teacher introduced a game of conversation. There are many different characters for each group. Most of the characters all live on a street where there are eight connected houses. There is a gossip remained secret around the neighborhood. The first goal for everyone is to find out the occupation and accommodation of each characters so that they can figure out the ultimate goal which is the secret gossip.

In the game, I am a police woman called Michelle, who doesn’t live on the street. I am here to figure out what happened in the empty NO.4 because my friend, Tom, who lives in NO.5 have told me that there is always some strange loud noise in the house.

The purpose of this game in learning is to help improve the students’ speech ability through the natural and easy conversations when students get to know others’ character and discuss with each other. To me, it is quite interesting and effective because it provide an appealing imaginary story and an obvious goal for players. An easy-understood and interesting story make sure that students can get involved into the game and learn something from it. A clear game goal can inspire the students and increase their motivation to reach the goal.

This class activity recalls my memory that there is another course have similar but more involving activities. It is a speech course and the activity is called LARP — Live Action Role Playing. Students will also play different roles in a well-designed background of story. For example, we had a play which featured different group of gods from various civilizations. Each God had their own goals; some are evil plans while some are righteous. The most interesting part is that even the seemed allies in your own group are not fully trustable. Everyone should identify and determine who is their true allies through a great amount of conversation and form an alliance. The final goals are to stop the potential evil gods from destroy the world and build another new world in another dimension. After getting involved into the play, I found that there are really some alternative ways of learning can help us a lot. In addition to the gods’ play, we also had some plays about crimes. Normally, there is someone killed in the beginning and the participants have to find out the murderer which hides among them. This kind of play also needs a lot of discussion and reasoning. The players can not only gain some pleasure of participation but also gradually improve their own speech ability. In my opinion, the only drawback for LARP is that it is always time-consuming. Sometimes the play is unable to be finished completely and there are some goals remained unsolved. At last, I want to thank our teachers who design and plan for these activities because this must be a complicated and difficult work.